Good riddance…


So recently an old … I don’t really know what to call her, anyway she came back into my life through social media. Following my every move and stalking my every page she try’s to compete with me but I just push myself harder and further, I guess in certain ways shes good for me but in most she isn’t. The only way I know how to get rid of her for good is to be a complete and utter bitch and scare her off, I know I know not very nice or ”yogi” of me but after YEARS of being stalked, pestered and made to feel like your unhealthy and wrong in every sense and laughed at when you’re happy about something. Well I’d had enough all together and now shes buggered off social media and left me alone…. which is what I wanted and now? I’ve ”won”. 🙂 life is good!


yoga for flexibility!

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I feel absolutely incredible today! Its unbelievable how far my confidence has come over the past few years, I never use to be able to speak to people just through the worry of having awkward silences, I hate that. I’ve gone from not speaking to people hardly at all to going out of my way to meet complete strangers and introducing myself to them for my business. After today’s client meet and greet my confidence……

Hip to it


Day 200!

Day 200! of my 365 day challenge, wow have I improved!. I look back at old images and think damn! my flexibility has improved soo much!. This journey has changed my life for the better and I honestly cannot wait to see what I’m like by the end of this year!. I practice everyday and sometimes 2/3 times a day depending on how long I have spare in my schedule. My life is so much happier, brighter and more successful!….